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It can be a full-time job maintaining a secure and efficient computer. With WinZip’s Ultimate PC Care for your PC, finding the right software is no longer a guessing game.

You’ll receive full access to WinZip’s product suite to cover all your PC performance and protection needs - all year long.

  • System Utilities Suite

    Repair and optimize your PC with System Utilities Suite. The all-in-one maintenance system will diagnose and revive your PC back to like-new stability and performance.

  • Malware Protector

    Scan your computer for malware and keep sensitive information safe with Malware Protector. The product seeks out and removes threats to protect you from identity theft.

  • Privacy Protector

    Defend your personal and financial information with Privacy Protector. The software identifies personal information that is vulnerable to cybercriminals and erases your online tracks to keep things secure.

  • Disk Tools

    Maximize space and improve overall computer performance with Disk Tools. The system cleans junk files to optimize disc space and maintain a healthy hard drive.

  • Install Protector

    Install any application with complete confidence with InstallSafe. The program alerts you when additional applications tag along on your install and make it easy to revert unwanted browser changes.

  • Registry Optimizer

    Organize and clean your registry to prevent system crashes with Registry Optimizer. The software scans and removes unnecessary registry entries to declutter your PC.

  • Driver Updater

    Update your drivers and enjoy a faster PC performance with Driver Updater. The product backs up and restores your drivers in a few simple clicks.

  • MacOptimizer

    Clean, optimize, and revive your computer with Mac Optimizer. The software brings your Mac to peak performance by organizing your system, improving response time and prolonging battery life.

  • WinZip

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